Noise Cancelling Earbuds That Save You Money – TOZO NC9

I recently purchased the TOZO NC9 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds for my wife. I own the TOZO T9 which I thoroughly enjoy. This is a short review of the product which I highly recommend if you’re looking for a low-price set of earbuds. With over 25k reviews on Amazon with a 63% 5-Star rating rate (as of 6/28/2022), you can’t go wrong.

Now, these aren’t as fancy as the Apple Airpods Pro (which is currently $174.99 on Amazon), but they have some great features.

Active Noise Cancellation

The ANC on these earbuds is good. I’ve borrowed them a couple of times when I couldn’t find mine, so the silicon insert for the ear is a little small for my ears since it fits my wife’s ears, but I still got a sense for the ANC. When you activate the ANC, you clearly hear the noise cancellation in action. It’s quite impressive. Now, I haven’t used other ANC devices, but if they are as good or better than these, wow. I will need to put larger inserts to see if that helps keep out more sound.

Phone Calls

When I make a phone call on these or the TOZO T9 that I own, it is nice and clear. The device seems to do what it says it will do and isolate my voice for conversations.

Touch Controls

As with any earbud that has touch controls on the buds, it takes getting used to. Remembering single tap, double-tap, or long tap for the various functions happens pretty quickly. The tapping for these works well and it is very responsive.

Battery Life

The buds advertise lasting up to 8 hours at 60% volume and the case can recharge them 2-3 times before plugging the case in. I have put my T9’s to the test and I can say that the case holds it’s charge well and lasts a long time.


I’m not a stickler for having Bose quality sound. The sound on these is great for the cost and the high’s and lows are crisp and clear. I can definitely feel the bass on my eardrum and it give’s a good quality performance.


I got these on sale from Amazon for $29.99. I believe they are $39.99 right now on Amazon with a 10% coupon available. Well worth the money if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg and aren’t necessarily concerned about Bose quality sound.


This is a great product for the money. I am thinking about buying a pair for myself, but my T9s work well for me at this time. If you don’t mind spending $40 to try them out, they definitely do that. Just click on the link below for the TOZO NC9 and see the reviews and specs for yourself. Then order a pair and let me know what you think.

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