Saying I can do something is one thing, showing you what I can do is another. Below you will find samples of my writing, graphic design, and commercial photography.

And for more examples of my article and blog writing, check out my Medium page.


Book for Sale Action Page 

This is an action page designed for my book I have on Amazon. Please review it and if you’re interested in Sherlock Holmes, by all means purchase my book.

Free Guide Action Page

This is an action page designed for an iPhone photography tips eBook I wrote. It is a live action page that uses an email management system as a back end. The goal of this action page is to build an email list of prospective customers.

To download the book alone, please click here.

Sales Funnel Sample

Marketing Funnel Sample  (click to view) – This is a mock how-to guide for improving your photography. As a photographer, the content is true and accurate, but the document and video existence are fictional. I follow the four parts of a sales funnel which are:

  • Funnel Magnet
  • Main Offer
  • Upsell
  • Follow-up.

Clicking the link above will walk you through each page.

Dating Site Email

This email was researched and written for a dating site in 2018. The owner has since taken it down in 2019.

Landing Page

This landing page was published in 2018. I posted it on Google Ads. and Facebook. I also programmed the page in straight HTML.

Graphic Design

Charity Golf Tournament Flyer 

A flyer for a Charity Golf Tournament in 2017. Designed in Adobe InDesign.

Workplace Poster

This was a workplace poster designed for Greystar.

Large Banner and Tagline

I designed the graphics for the pictured banner which was 3′ x 2′ in size. In addition, I wrote the tagline “We Know. We Were There. We Understand.”


Two logos I created, one for my site and the other for a Christian Date site.


Product Photography

I recently completed the upcoming product line for Penguin Patch Holiday Shop.

Headshot Photography

I provide portrait and headshot photography. I can come to your business location to do the photos. Visit my photography page at for more information.
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