Think Sherlock Holmes is just a fictional character? Explore three aspects of his persona that prove he's more.

  • Holmes is clearly educated? But where? This book explores that question.
  • Did Holmes have a love interest? Read to find out.
  • What religion does Sherlock have? This book explores the answer.

“Many scholars would like to assume that the greatest detective in the world was educated at one of the two prestigious British universities, Oxford or Cambridge.”

Chapter II

“There is only one woman who has ever interested Holmes, Irene Adler. His fascination with her is because she, in fact, outwitted him.”

Chapter III

“The establishment of Holmes’ profession is in essence confirmation that the most prominent Victorian ideal that he represents is that of hard work and self-improvement.”

Chapter V

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You’ve seen Sherlock Holmes movies and probably read the stories. You may even be a die-hard Sherlockian. But, have you thought about how Sherlock Holmes represents the Victorian period of English history?


In my academic book, Sherlock Holmes: The Ideal Self-made Victorian Professional, I treat Holmes as a real person. I provide insight into three aspects of the Sherlock Holmes persona. Then argue how he is the perfect example of a Victorian Professional.


While reading this book, you will explore:


  • His Education.
  • His Relationships.
  • His Religion.


Sherlockians and historians alike will find this short academic work insightful and a view of Sherlock Holmes they may not have considered before. It’s an essential addition to your knowledge of who Sherlock Holmes was.


Bonus. Bonus.


An added bonus is a brief history of four aspects of Victorian England that will enlighten even non-Sherlock fans. Learn more about education, relationships, religion, and new professions during this period of history. 


What authority do I have in this subject?


My name is Marc Bollon. This book is my academic thesis completed to earn my Master of Liberal Arts degree at Southern Methodist University. I spent 12 credit hours exploring and writing this thesis. (Not to brag, but I got an A and graduated with a 3.85 GPA)


I decided to share it with the world on a medium that everyone can access and afford: Amazon. It’s available in both Kindle and paperback and is a quick read.


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