Convert Media With a Seasoned Copywriter

Getting your target customer a clean, well-designed, written message can save you. Nothing turns a reader away faster than poor content and advertising. Not only will the reader turn away, but they’ll also let everyone know about it on social media.

How Do You Avoid This? Hire A Copywriter

Use a seasoned professional with a diverse background to write words and design media to convert visitors into customers.

Hiring a freelancer is cost-effective. You don’t have to pay benefits or retirement. Bringing in an outsider will bring in a neutral party unfamiliar with your content. They look at it as a visitor and can catch those mistakes.

I Am That Professional.

Delivering results with over 25 years of professional and life experience writing and designing media for diverse industries, including information technology, law enforcement, intelligence analysis, digital forensics, academia, finance, youth sports, and faith-based organizations.

I am a stickler for correct spelling and grammar usage and zoom in on the details in my graphic design. Misaligned boxes and lines in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign drive me crazy.

I Can Do That for You!

My process is simple. It starts with you filling out a request for a proposal, clearly outlining your needs.

I’ll then respond with an email or, better yet, a phone or video call. Seeing each other or hearing our voices will start a trusted relationship, leading to extraordinary things for your company.

I’ll type up a proposal and outline the steps we will take together to succeed. We will then create and agree on a contract.

Once everything is signed, the magic begins, and we get those readers to become customers.

We’ve started a journey together that will lead to incredible things.

What I Offer

I offer writing, graphic design, and even photography services. Specifically, I offer:

  • Marketing Emails
  • Product Action Pages
  • Newsletters
  • Web Copy
  • Blogs


I offer per-item and monthly retainer pricing. I’m also big on contracts to protect you and myself. Below are some examples of pricing. Prices do not include assets such as purchased or created artwork, images, clipart, etc.

  • One-Sided Flyer – $400 for the first page, $300 for each additional page.
  • Product Action Page – $500 for up to 2000 words.
  • Sales Letter – $1000 for up to 5k words.
  • Product Photography – $40 per item with a minimum of 5 items. I offer discounts on quantity down to $25 for over 60 items.
  • Website Copy – $400 for 1500 words.
  • Monthly Copy Retainer – $1500 for three emails a week. Assets and coding are extra.

For a complete pricing list, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to get a proposal.

Industry Knowledge

I have knowledge and experience in a diverse list of niches to include:

Copywriter Portfolio

Here are some samples of what I can offer.

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Who am I

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and a Master of Liberal Arts Degree with a focus in Victorian Studies, both from Southern Methodist University. I completed a thesis titled Sherlock Holmes: The Ideal Self-Made Victorian Professional. It is available on Amazon for sale in paperback or Kindle.

During my graduate studies, I focused on courses that were writing-intensive with the sole purpose of developing my writing and analytic skills. I have always prided myself on my ability to tell a story, proofread, and edit copy. 

I have twenty-two years in Law Enforcement with eleven years as a Detective and Intelligence Analyst, and I write daily. My current assignment in my day job is standing up a digital forensics lab. Before law enforcement, I was an IT manager and maintained that skill set throughout adulthood.

In addition to Law Enforcement, I have experience in professional photography, graphic design, HTML email writing, mobile app design, and Information Technology. 

I recently studied Direct Response Copywriting, taking courses through American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI), Stackskills, Lurn Academy, LinkedIn, and Coursera.

Get Your Proposal Today

I’m ready to help you deliver that clear, well-written, error-free message that persuades the reader to become your customer.

Click on the Contact Me button below to get your proposal today. It’s a simple process, and I make it as painless as possible. I want to help you build your customer base.