Do You Write and Proof Your Own Copy? Well, That's No Good!

Wow! You made it. Welcome!

I have been waiting for you to click on my site so that I can share with you some fantastic news.

As a copywriter AND graphic designer, I know a secret to improving your business' written words and getting more customers and revenue.

The solution is so simple, but first, I want to share with you something that you need to consider.

It's one word, familiarity.

That's it. Familiarity.

Now unless you have context, then the word doesn't mean a whole lot. So here it is, one sentence that says it all:

When you proofread copy you have written yourself or in-house,
familiarity causes you to overlook things.

I'm not talking about spelling and grammar. Any word processor can check that. I'm talking about detaching yourself from the topic to recognize run-on sentences, repeating phrases, or a lack of organized and persuasive flow.

So, the secret I want to share with you, the way you can improve your written words and attract more customers and revenue, is to hire a contract copywriter.

A copywriter is trained to write persuasively to turn websites, emails, and printed documents into revenue or action generating platforms. And, when you hire a contract copywriter, you are cost effective because you only pay them as needed without the burden of payroll taxes, benefits, etc. You may only need us four times a year, perhaps more or less. Why pay a yearly salary for that?

My name is Marc Bollon, and I will write your copy offering a more organized, persuasive way of writing. And, as a graphic designer, I can even put it all together for you in documents, logos, and other media.

If you have fantastic writers who get clicks through the different pages of your website or calls to the phone number on printed documents, then great!

However, if you feel you need more response to your online, email, and printed copy, then consider contacting me right now.

You clicked on my website for a reason. Perhaps you were just curious about me, or maybe you genuinely need a copywriter or graphic designer.

Just check out my Portfolio.

If that isn't enough to persuade you to at least learn more, then I ask one more thing.

Give me feedback and let me know why you aren't interested. Is it budget, fear of trying something different, or that your revenue stream is fantastic as it is (which is awesome you don't need more revenue)? Your feedback is valuable to me.

Thank you for your time.

Marc Bollon

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