I’m coming up on 50. I’ve got a good fifty years having served my community in Law Enforcement for over 22 years, coached youth soccer, and been an active member of my church community. And I don’t plan to stop now.

My goal as a blogger is to write articles that share what I’ve learned over the years. To share my experiences and philosophy with those younger than myself, approaching their 50’s as well, or those that are already over 50.

I haven’t figured everything out. I realize there are a great many accomplishments I’ve failed to achieve or relationships that I failed to nurture. But I realize that it isn’t too late for me to still achieve my goals and serve my community. Perhaps together, we can help each other.

So enjoy my blog. Topics will range from business email to youth sports coaching. I hope you find something of use here.

  • Got Time for Yourself? Here’s How I Do It.
    I’ve always been a bit of a loner. Before I got married, I enjoyed going to restaurants to eat by myself, taking trips by myself, and going to movies by myself. It never really bothered me. Then I met my wife twenty years ago, and that changed. We dated for about a year and a half before we married in 2001. Although I love going out and doing things with my […]
  • Fixing Bridges Left to Deteriorate
    Originally published on Medium under my name in October, 2019. Publishing here with some minor edits. I’m talking about personal bridges that we haven’t burned but that we let deteriorate because of our failure to act on an opportunity. It isn’t quite the same thing as burning them because you didn’t necessarily do something intentionally or malicious. However, cleaning them up and making them passable again may take some time. We’ve […]
  • I Recovered an Email When My Brain Told Me What It Said
    I was checking my email on my iPhone this morning when I deleted something. A second later, the contents of the email clicked in my brain, and I immediately undeleted it. Does this often happen to you? You are cleaning out your email, and a second after you delete something, the words click with you? It happens to me all of the time. This email was a Groupon email, and what […]