Based in Fort Worth, Texas, I have a Bachelor of Art’s Degree in Psychology and a Master of Liberal Arts Degree with a focus in Victorian Studies, both from Southern Methodist University. I completed a thesis titled Sherlock Holmes: The Ideal Self-Made Victorian Professional. It is available on Amazon for sale in paperback or Kindle.
During my graduate studies, I focused on courses that were writing-intensive with the sole purpose of developing my writing and analytic skills. I have always prided myself on my ability to tell a story, proofread, and edit copy. 
I have twenty-two years in Law Enforcement with eleven years as a Detective and Intelligence Analyst and write on a daily basis. My current assignment in my day job is standing up a digital forensics lab. Prior to law enforcement, I was an IT manager and have maintained that skillset throughout my adulthood.
In addition to Law Enforcement, I have experience in professional photography, graphic design, HTML email writing, mobile app design, and Information Technology. 
In recent years, I have studied Direct Response Copywriting having taken courses through American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI), Stackskills, Lurn Academy, and Coursera.
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