Reviews and Recommendations

One of the great things about writing is helping others benefit from my experiences, knowledge, or research. This page contains product reviews and recommendations based on items I personally own, have used, or have researched.

I try to include links to the products for your convenience to order the items from. Items I haven’t personally tried but recommend will always be after extensive research of the product and company behind it.

  • Noise Cancelling Earbuds That Save You Money – TOZO NC9
    This is a great product for the money. I am thinking about buying a pair for myself, but my T9s work well for me at this time. If you don’t mind spending $40 to try them out, they definitely do that.
  • A Great Minimalist Wallet You Need!
    I’ve always kept my credit cards and identification in my front pocket. This keeps pickpockets at bay and is just convenient. I found the perfect minimalist wallet and you should get one as well. I had a pocket wallet that was just a little bigger than a credit card which lasted me a long time, […]
  • Three Awesome Children’s Books You Need!
    My children grew up reading these books when they were young. They still recite them and have fond memories. Any new parent needs to have these book in their library.
  • You Need The Canon 90D, A Perfect Prosumer Camera
    I’ve been doing professional photography as a side business for a couple of years now. I do product, portrait, and headshot photography. You can check my work out at When I was looking at cameras, I chose to go with the Canon 80D. It has a lot of the features that professional cameras have […]