A Great Minimalist Wallet You Need!

I’ve always kept my credit cards and identification in my front pocket. This keeps pickpockets at bay and is just convenient. I found the perfect minimalist wallet and you should get one as well.

I had a pocket wallet that was just a little bigger than a credit card which lasted me a long time, probably almost 15 years. When it finally fell apart, I looked hard for a new one. I tried a couple of different options on Amazon but ended up sending them back because they were too large.

Then I tried the VBAX men’s minimalist RFID wallet and I found my new front pocket wallet. It’s just a tad longer than a credit card and even has a little pull tab to display the credit cards. 

It has an elastic strap that allows you to put as few or many cards inside the wallet as you need. It also has a small pocket to put your money. It’s low profile and doesn’t take a lot of space.

I purchased the brown leather version, but it comes in different colors and fabrics to meet your style.

My wallet
My wallet.
Photo by VBAX

I highly recommend this wallet and even have a convenient link below to take you to it on Amazon. It’s perfect for the man (or woman) who wants to keep their cards and cash safe in the front pocket.

If you’re looking for a nice wallet to keep in the front pocket, the VBAX Men’s minimalist RFID wallet is for you. .

You Need The Canon 90D, A Perfect Prosumer Camera

I’ve been doing professional photography as a side business for a couple of years now. I do product, portrait, and headshot photography. You can check my work out at www.marcbollon.com.

When I was looking at cameras, I chose to go with the Canon 80D. It has a lot of the features that professional cameras have such as 1/8000 speed and 12800 ISO. The only difference is that it is a crop sensor camera instead of a full-frame camera.

I bought an extra battery, a Canon 70-300mm USM lens, and a 50mm “Nifty-50.” I have since bought the Canon 24mm lens and a Neewer battery grip which makes it much better to hold and looks more professional.

It’s been a great camera and I’ve been successful in my business using it. I truly believe that it isn’t the camera that makes the photo, but the photographer and his skillset.

The 90D Replacement

They still sell the 80D, but now the 90D is out and it has some great upgrades such as 32.5 megapixels and 4k video. It’s a great upgrade and only slightly higher priced than the 80D. I highly recommend it for the entry level photographer wanting to invest in the future.

I paid $999 for just the 80D camera body two years ago compared to $1199 for the new 90D body. But the difference in my opinion is worth it.

Take it from me, you can’t go wrong with either camera. You can still get the 80D on Amazon for $837 which is a great price. Or you can get a good bundle for $1,399.

Click the links to the different camera packages in this article to review them. If you know you’re going to buy a good camera, then take the plunge. You won’t regret having bought either camera.

Canon 90D Pricing on Amazon

Canon 80D on Amazon

Battery Grips

There are different battery grip options. The same grip fits both the 80D and 90D. I use a Neewer which is cheaper and I’ve had it for two years with no problems. The Canon grip would be best but is more expensive.