Copywriting That Turns Readers Into Customers!

As a Copywriter, I Turn Readers into Customers With Energized, Concise Copywriting!

Whether a service, product, seminar, or fundraiser, my goal is to motivate the reader to take an action in as few words as necessary.

I’m committed to writing persuasive, concise, and to-the-point copy that will persuade the reader to take an action defined by you in as few words as necessary.

I’m first a writer but also a graphic designer and photographer. Whether editing your existing copy through a website audit or writing original copy, I’ll provide streamlined words that get a more prominent message out in less time. 

I take the time to zoom in on the details and ensure they are concise.

Below are just three examples of services I offer.

Website Audit

I will dig deep into your website and look for grammar, structure, repetitiveness, and conciseness issues. I will then recommend changes. You may hire me to make the changes or make the recommendations in-house.


I have experience writing emails to a diverse recipient base. I’ve even programmed them in HTML and sent them through an email management system. Together we will write in your tone and get the readers to take the action you dictate.

Texts and Social Media

Texts and social media posts need to be short and sweet. Convincing someone to click on a link in as few words as possible is hard to do. Together we will define your company and product’s message in short phrases for those short advertisements.

The Process…

My process of delivering words that will convert those readers to customers is straightforward.

Questionnaire and Interview

Our relationship will start with a questionnaire to make sure I create media that not only describes your products but also your company’s personality and culture.

This questionnaire may also be completed through a phone call or video chat so that you know who I am and I know who you are.

Review Current Website and Media

If available, I’ll review your company’s website, social media, and print media. You may send me past work no longer available online as well.

If necessary or requested, I may interview customers or employees that can give better insight.

The Proposal

Once I’ve reviewed the questionnaire, read your existing copy, and maybe talked to a few people, I’ll create a proposal that will be in the form of a contract.

We will go over it together and make sure it covers everything you need and sign it.

Then the fun begins.

The Work

I then get started. I’ll write your copy and keep you involved the entire way. The proposal will include milestones and checks to ensure I’m providing what your company wants and needs.

So contact me now to get started or explore the rest of my site to learn more about me.