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Has this happened to you before?

You take out your awesome mobile phone with that 16MP camera, you point it at your toddler who is making the funniest face you have ever seen, and you take a photo. After he has crawled away, you look at the picture to send to your spouse and it has a horrible glare. You say to yourself, “but this camera is so awesome. What went wrong?”

Did you know that by simply wiping off the camera lens will improve your photos? Want proof?

Look at the images below. The one on the left was taken with a dirty, oily lens from rubbing against my face. The one on the right was taken after wiping the lens off. See the difference? The oil caused the light to glare, didn’t it?

Cloudy Image

Try it yourself. Rub your lens against your face and do the same thing taking a photo. Then wipe the lens with a cloth and take another picture. Did you notice a difference?

I have been doing photography for over twenty years. I’ve taken great photos and horrible photos. Back in the day, you didn’t know how good a photo indeed was until you got it back from the lab.

But even though you can review your photo instantly with digital photography, some opportunities still need to be right the first time such as the expression on your child’s face or his first time walking.

Getting a great picture doesn’t require twenty years of experience or training, you just need knowledge of some basics.

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