I Write Copy That Persuades People to Take an Action

We make decisions based on emotion. Whether it’s purchasing a necessity or a luxury, our decision can be based on cost of a product or the simple desire to indulge ourselves. 

Selling your company’s products or services is dependent on writing words that persuades a customer to take action based on how they feel. The words can be coupled with graphics and photos to move the customer. 

Your words should be simple, to the point, and free of spelling and grammar mistakes. If you don’t have great writers, then it’s time to hire one.

My name is Marc Bollon, and I write words, design media, and take photos that persuade someone to take an action defined by you, my client. I have experience in writing academic and business copy that is error-free and persuasive.

Whether conducting a content audit of your website or writing an inbound marketing email to potential customers, I will work with you to ensure persuasive, clear and concise, and error-free copy. Together we will plan and put out media to persuade more people to take an action whether to become a customer, volunteer to help others, or donate to your cause.

Let my experience in writing, graphic design, and product photography work for you.

Web Copy / Content
  • Landing Pages
  • Sales Funnels
  • Action Pages
  • Cause Statements
  • Headlines
  • SEO
  • Website Audits
Email Copy
  • Long Form Emails
  • Outbound Sales
  • Subject Lines
  • Cause Marketing
  • HTML Coding
  • Newsletters
  • Internal Employee

Website Audits

I will review your website copy for grammar and spelling, persuasiveness, repeating information, page format and design, search engine optimization, privacy and cookie policies, and other important features. I will generate a report for you to review so that you may make the appropriate changes and provide a quote if you decide to hire me to make those changes.

Cause Marketing

It used to be that we kept our personal causes that we support out of business. But today, companies are proudly announcing what causes they support because more customers are socially aware. Writing copy that clearly defines your company’s causes to include social justice statements is important to get right.

Copy Editing

Editing your existing copy yourself can be difficult because you are too familiar with it. Having a third party edit your copy for grammar, style, and spelling is effective because they are neutral. I have experience in academic and business editing.

I also provide the following services.

Graphic Design
Commercial Photography


My pricing is typically an agreed-upon, fixed, ‘start to finish’ fee, so you know exactly how much the work will cost. I can also work on a retainer for an agreed-upon number of hours or products monthly or defined period. I have an established invoicing system and multiple payment options to fit your financial needs. My payment terms are half of the agreed-upon price upfront unless working on a retainer agreement which is paid monthly or as frequently as agreed.


I’m also keen on contracts. Contracts are necessary and protect both parties. We will work out a contract to ensure that both of our responsibilities are clearly defined to ensure efficient progress on your project.

Contact Me

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